Stefano Volpe


Hi there! Stefano here. I am a master’s student in Logic at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam.

When not at my university, I play board games and practice pole dance.

Here is my curriculum vitae.

Academic interests

  • Type theory
  • Logical verification
  • Functional programming
  • Game theory


While material resources may be limited on this planet, information can be shared for free nowadays. The more people can access a valuable piece of information, the more people verify its value and build upon it. This applies to, for instance:

and much more. In my assessment, cooperation is necessary for us to take care of each other on a global scale. Tech Giants apparently have different idols, such as individualism, trade secrecy, junk science, opacity, monopoly, dark patterns, Orwellian user tracking, tax dodges, social inequality, exploitation of the global South, consumerism, and social hypocrisy. As a student, a software user, and a citizen, I know it is part of my duties to responsibly keep my affiliation with their “products” to a minimum.